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Unity Can Flourish Phenomenally in Disagreement
August 17, 2023

Unity relies on purpose, our “why”. Unity does not require unanimous agreement; it requires a shared destination, a shared outcome.

Disagreement on “how” or “who” is in leadership, should never deter us from unity based on a common “why” – betterment for our people!!

We don’t need to see eye-to-eye on every strategy, detail, or approach to achieve a common goal. Our strength lies in the diversity of perspectives, each offering unique insights that enrich our path forward.

Unity does not demand uniformity. We don’t need unanimous agreement to stand united; all we need is a shared destination, a shared outcome. Betterment for our people.

Our strength as a nation lies in our ability to unite behind a common outcome, even if we differ on the paths to get there. Disagreements on strategies should never sow seeds of division. Instead, they should ignite the fire of healthy discourse, allowing us to refine our approaches and consider fresh perspectives.

Unity in Our Flag

Our national flag holds a profound lesson. Red, yellow, and green – distinct colours, yet together they form our symbol of unity. Each colour represents a facet of our collective identity, and just like the colours merge to shape the flag, our diverse experiences merge to shape our nation.

One colour alone can never represent the entirety, just as one viewpoint wouldn’t encompass our nation’s complexity.

Remember, we are never more truly united than when we stand as one under our flag. It’s a powerful reminder that amidst differences, we are fundamentally one people, with shared dreams and aspirations.

Let’s channel our energies into understanding, cooperation, and compassion, knowing that it’s our collective resolve that propels us toward progress.


‘I’m Attending for Grenada’

An 87 year old Grenadian man who declares himself a lifelong supporter of the NNP said;

I am attending the Prime Minister’s Gala for Grenada. How can you only support Grenada when your party is in power, but claim to be a patriot, it doesn’t work so! Time did not stop when we lost the last election and Grenada is not on pause awaiting our return. Time waits for no one“.

What an amazing lesson in true patriotism!!

In essence, unity is the celebration of our shared goals, a testament to our ability to set aside minor differences for a greater good.

So, let’s embrace differences, engage in open discussions, and strive for a harmonious convergence of ideas. Together under our flag, we forge ahead in unity, resilience and shared purpose.

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