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Reverend Anthea Carmichael; Only Female Grenadian Clergy in CofE, to Pray at the First Ever Prime Minister’s UK Gala
September 18, 2023

Reverend Anthea Carmichael of Brent, the only female Grenadian Clergy (by heritage) in the Church of England, will be leading the opening prayer at the upcoming gala celebrating the nation of Grenada.

Reverend Anthea Carmichael | Church of England | CofE | Prime Minister's Gala | Reparations

The gala, set to take place on Saturday 04 November 2023 at the ILEC Conference Centre, will highlight the rich cultural heritage and connections between Grenada and the UK.

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For a small nation, we are proud that Grenadians are represented in all walks of life,” said Terrence Forester, Grenada’s Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs. “And to be the only Ordained Grenadian Vicar in the Church of England, Reverend Anthea Carmichael is forging significant achievements for our nation.”

Reverend Anthea Carmichael

Reverend Anthea Carmichael | Church of England | CofE | Prime Minister's Gala | Reparations

Born and raised in Southall, West London, Reverend Carmichael’s Grenadian heritage has played a significant role in shaping her worldview and ministry. Her deep appreciation for both her family’s roots and her British identity exemplifies the values of unity and diversity that the gala aims to showcase.

We are honoured to have Reverend Anthea Carmichael leading the prayer at our Prime Minister’s Gala for Grenada,” said Roy McEwen, Chair of the UK Gala Committee.

Reverend Anthea Carmichael’s presence symbolises the strong bonds 2nd and 3rd Generation Grenadians have with Grenada and the untapped power of individuals to bridge cultures. This event is a celebration of shared heritage and a testament to the contributions of Grenadian individuals like Reverend Carmichael to the UK and Grenada.

Celebrating Reverend Anthea Carmichael

The Prime Minister’s Gala will not only showcase the talent and achievements of Grenadians living in the UK but also underline the historical ties that bind the two nations. With a vibrant lineup of cultural performances, an exhibition and culinary delights, the event promises to be a memorable occasion that reflects the heart and soul of Grenada.

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Reverend Anthea Carmichael | Church of England | CofE | Prime Minister's Gala

I am humbled and honoured to have the opportunity to lead the prayer at the Prime Minister’s UK Gala for Grenada,” said Reverend Anthea Carmichael. “As someone who embodies the fusion of two distinct cultures, I believe that this event holds great significance in celebrating a sense of belonging. Through prayer and unity, we can embrace our shared values and aspirations“.

The gala will serve as a platform to strengthen the relationship between Grenadians in the UK and on-island in Grenada, while highlighting the contributions of Grenadian individuals across various fields, including art, literature, music and business.

The presence of Reverend Carmichael adds a spiritual dimension to the event, emphasising the importance of faith in fostering a sense of community and understanding.

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