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Quality: Why is the Price More Than Other Events?
August 20, 2023

Quality. Quality. Quality.

This is a great question; so lets be very honest, even brutally so. Other events are fighting hard to keep the price low. A consequence of a low price is a lower standard, which creates a vicious cycle of low value, low expectations, therefore low prices but increased complaints. We listened.

Quality | The best restaurants in Grenada | Telegraph Travel

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We are providing a high quality Grenadian Experience, that you have asked for but never received. We have listened to your feedback to other events, heard the complaints and responded to all your requirements, you asked for:

  • A high quality venue with a larger capacity so that all Grenadians who want to attend can attend; you didn’t want the same ole “tired” venues with soiled carpets, chairs that need covering etc. We listened.
  • Grenadian cuisine, cooked by a Grenadian chef, using Grenadian ingredients. You were not impressed having to queue for your meal; with some chefs not even bothering to provide a Grenadian dish at a Grenadian event. We listened.
  • Your dinner to be served at your table. You were disappointed with buffet experiences, that when the last to queue got their meals, the first were already finished their dessert. We listened.
  • Proper staffing. You were disappointed that other events practically had no staff. We listened. We are providing 80+ trained members of staff (their full time jobs) and all Zones will be staffed to help you enjoy your gala experience.


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  • Grenadian rums on sale. You said you enjoyed having a variety of drinks, but said when its a Grenadian event, Grenadian drinks must be available. We listened. Clarkes Court, Westerhall Estate and River Antoine Rums will be available on the night.
  • Convenience for family & friends with mobility requirements. You didn’t want people with mobility challenges to struggle. We listened. Access to the VIP entrance and banqueting suite are on ground level, with wide doors for easy access.
  • Proper entertainment. At some events you said you were underwhelmed. We listened. You will be entertained by a live Grenadian band, playing the best of Grenadian music past and present, you will love it.

Quality | Clarke's Court | Grenada Distillers

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  • Hotel rooms must be at least 4 star rooms. You have used 3 star hotels previously and you want a better experience. We listened.
  • Space, you didn’t want to feel cramped. You wanted us to use more of the hotel facilities so you can truly enjoy the surroundings. We listened.
  • Waiting way too long to see event pictures. You do not understand why event pictures take so long to be available. We listened. Gala event pics will be available the next day, and you will be able to purchase the ones you love


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We have listened and addressed all your concerns to ensure this First Prime Minister’s Gala is the ultimate Grenadian experience, we have put everything in place to make sure you have a great time, you can feel proud to share with your family and friends.

Sponsors are coming onboard, which is helping us keep the cost down.

Looking forward to meeting you at the First Ever Prime Minister’s Gala – the ultimate Grenadian experience

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