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Grenadian Fueling ‘Rebuild Afrika Academy’, Sponsors Prime Minister’s Gala
October 06, 2023

Rebuild Afrika Academy, under the passionate leadership of Grenadian humanitarian Ambassador Yvette Philbert, is steadfast in its commitment to fostering positive and lasting change across Africa and the Grenadian community.

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) with its headquarters based in Nigeria, Rebuild Afrika Academy, a division of Samuel Egunjobi Empowerment Foundation, headed by Ambassador Prince Samuel Adesegun Egunjobi; tackles the pressing social and economic challenges facing the African continent.

Afrika | Ambassador Prince Samuel Adesegun Egunjobi

Through relentless advocacy and the implementation of empowerment initiatives, Rebuild Afrika Academy seeks to uplift countless lives, particularly among the youth, and set the stage for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

Afrika | Peime Minister's Gala

Ambassador Philbert, a proud Grenadian, plays a pivotal role in shaping the vision and mission of Rebuild Afrika Academy. Her remarkable track record, serves as a compelling testament to her unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes.

Ambassador Philbert’s commitment extends across a wide spectrum of societal issues, ranging from youth welfare and addressing social challenges to empowering the girl child, supporting women, and advocating for individuals living with disabilities in Africa. Her exemplary leadership reflects the core values of Grenadian resilience and compassion, serving as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change across the continent.

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Rebuild Afrika

At its core, Rebuild Afrika Academy is driven by a mission to address the persistent challenges of poverty in Africa. Their approach is rooted in positive advocacy and the implementation of empowerment initiatives designed to bolster the capacity of youth and combat social vices across various demographic groups.

The organisation places a particular emphasis on initiatives targeting the girl child, women, and individuals with disabilities in Africa. Through their Education-Empowerment-Reward model, which is founded on Skills, Talents, Technology, Intelligence, and Agricultural Revolution (STTIAR), they aspire to transform the dream of an empowered and prosperous Africa into a tangible reality.

One of the principal objectives of Rebuild Afrika Academy is to provide a platform for the voices of vulnerable communities to be heard. This is a fundamental facet of their work, as it empowers marginalized groups to articulate their needs, concerns, and aspirations.

By amplifying their voices, the organisation endeavours to generate meaningful change and ensure that the most vulnerable segments of society are not left behind. In doing so, Rebuild Afrika Academy encapsulates the inclusive and compassionate Grenadian ethos, embodying a commitment to leaving no one behind.

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Additionally, Rebuild Afrika Academy acknowledges the pivotal role that the African diaspora can play in the continent’s development. Their mission encompasses the facilitation of the return of Diaspora Africans to the motherland, with the ultimate objective of contributing technology, education, healthcare, and investment. This approach harnesses the talents and resources of Grenadians and other members of the African diaspora to catalyse growth and development across the African continent.

As part of their multifaceted efforts, Rebuild Afrika Academy aspires to position itself as a leading partnership initiative among NGOs, both on a local and international scale. Through the collaboration of diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, individuals, youth organizations, donor agencies, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the public and private sectors, the organisation seeks to promote cooperation and expedite regional development. This collaborative approach is pivotal in addressing the multifaceted challenges confronting underprivileged children, unemployed youths, women, and individuals living with disabilities.

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Mother Afrika

The sponsorship of the Grenada Prime Minister’s Gala represents a significant milestone in the realisation of these objectives.

This prestigious event attracts influential figures from Grenada and around the world, providing Rebuild Afrika Academy with a unique platform for engaging in meaningful dialogue, knowledge exchange, and resource sharing. It serves as a pivotal opportunity to further cement the bonds between Grenada and Africa, both united in their pursuit of empowerment, development, and poverty reduction.

Rebuild Afrika Academy, under the dedicated leadership of Grenadian humanitarian Ambassador Yvette Philbert, encapsulates the values of unity, resilience, and compassion that are emblematic of Grenada. Their commitment to addressing the social and economic challenges facing Africa and the Grenadian community remains unwavering.

Through positive advocacy, the implementation of empowerment initiatives, and collaborative efforts with a diverse array of stakeholders, Rebuild Afrika Academy is poised to make a profound and lasting impact. Their work ensures that the spirit of Grenada continues to shine brightly, not only in Africa but also throughout the broader global community.

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