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Are You a Proud A Grenadian?
October 06, 2023

ūüá¨ūüá© Everyone’s invited to the First Grenadian Prime Minister’s Gala ūüá¨ūüá©

Saturday 04 November
ILEC 47 Lillie Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1UD
6pm to 1am

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About Grenadian Fraser James

Fraser James, nick name Frase, is a British actor of Grenadian heritage. He was born in Camden Town, Camden Square in London. Fraser trained at The Guildhall School Of Music & Drama in London’s Barbican. Fraser is known for his extensive and varied work across film, television and theatre

Fraser is the founder and Chair of UnderExposed Art, a black led arts and cultural organisation dedicated to promoting positive representation. We celebrate culturally diverse talent by collaborating with artists to create exhibitions, films, talks, education programmes and workshops that inspire imagination, creativity and critical thinking. We hope to empower young people to explore notions of self-identity, representation and creative self-expression.

Host – The Honourable Dickon Mitchell
Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique

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For our Prime Minister, The Honourable Dickon Mitchell; the statement I am a proud Grenadian, takes on a unique significance. As the leader of the nation, his dedication to us the citizens becomes a guiding force for policy and action.

His love for our shared Grenadian heritage serves as a foundation upon which decisions are made, policies are formulated, and progress is driven. His position reflects a manifestation of the deep-rooted connection to the nation’s history and a commitment to steer it toward a prosperous future.

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Tickets £139.95 Рhurry!!
Visit https://ukgala.473.gd
This is a ticket ONLY event. No tickets will be sold on the night


Need support? Contact Niasha Keens-Douglas 07714 456 757

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Delicious Grenadian Cuisine

Grenadian dinner with a choice of Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Fish & Meat options
Grenadian ingredients
Grenadian Chef Ann Husbands

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Diverse Experiences

The sentiment “I am a Grenadian, I love my Grenadian heritage” signifies that patriotism is not reserved for those in leadership positions alone; or those born on the island of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. It’s an invitation for every individual to actively participate in the nation’s growth.

Each citizen’s love for their heritage adds a layer of richness to the country’s tapestry, forming a mosaic of diverse experiences and perspectives that contribute to the nation’s collective character.

I Am a Grenadian

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Grenadian Identity

A young boy born to Bulgarian parents in Bulgaria, but whose family fled to the UK. Embraced the Grenadian diaspora youth football team, played his heart out under the Grenadian flag…

For a country he has never seen, but one for which he loves, because of the Grenadian warmth shown to him. The team won their league!!

The statement calls for a shared responsibility to preserve, uplift, and celebrate Grenadian heritage. It’s a recognition that the love for one’s nation isn’t passive; it’s an active commitment to engage with the nation’s past, present and future.

I am a Grenadian

This sentiment inspires citizens to contribute positively to their society, whether through education, culture, economy, or community engagement. It emphasizes the importance of unity in achieving progress, as every voice, every effort, counts toward a common goal.

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