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Land of Ours, We Pledge Ourselves to Thee
September 10, 2023

Our national anthem is a work of art; beautifully written, embodying all the aspirations of a people taking their destiny into their own hands and forging a path forward to betterment – Land of Ours.

Hail Grenada, land of ours we pledge ourselves to thee – speaks with one voice, establishing our nation. Pledging ourselves to the nation, not just its culture.

Not just when the person who we prefer is in power; not just we are happy that things are going the way we want; not just when its convenient. We’ve made a pledge to Grenada regardless of whats occurring. This is a very high calling!!

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Countdown to the BIG Five Zero

As we approach 50 years of independence; are we true to our national anthem pledge? Have we really pledged ourselves to our nation and are ready to support our nation unequivocally?

Land of Ours

Our pledge to Grenada transcends how we may feel at any given moment in time. Our pledge must remain consistent, must be enduring, must outlast any inconvenience.

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The National Anthem for the Land of Ours

Hail Grenada, Land of Ours,

We pledge ourselves to Thee, Heads,
Hearts and Hands in unity

To reach our destiny Ever conscious of
God, Being proud of our Heritage

May we with Faith and Courage

Aspire, Build, Advance

As one people, one family
God Bless Our Nation

Grenada Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the country for which it stands, with Liberty, Justice and Equality for all. I pledge also that I shall defend and uphold, the Honour, Dignity and Laws and Institutions of my country.

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