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Geneva Pearl Announces “Logo Sponsorship” of the Grenada Prime Minister’s Gala – the FIRST in the UK!!
September 14, 2023
Prime Minister's Gala

London, 14 September 2023 – Geneva Pearl (www.genevapearl.co.uk), a business culture and change management consultancy, owned by entrepreneur Patricia Brooks; is pleased to announce its “Logo Sponsorship” of the highly anticipated Grenada Prime Minister’s first UK gala.

The gala is set to take place on Saturday, 4th November 2023, at the prestigious ILEC Conference Centre, located at 47 Lillie Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1UD. The event will commence at 6pm and continue until 1am, promising an unforgettable night for all attendees.

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Prime Minister’s Gala Delegates

The Grenada Prime Minister’s gala holds significant historical value as it marks the first time a Grenadian Prime Minister hosts a gala specifically dedicated to its nationals residing in the UK. This milestone event will not only foster a sense of unity and pride among the Grenadian community in the UK but also provide an opportunity to celebrate their rich cultural heritage.

Prime Minister's Gala | Prime Mininster Dickon Mitchell

Prime Minister, the Honourable Dickon Mitchell accompanied by a delegation including Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Andall, Ambassador for Trade, Ms Andrea St Bernard and Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs, Mr Terrence Forrester, shall be in attendance.

Office in Grenada!!

Prime Minister's Gala

Choosing Grenada as the home for their Caribbean office, Geneva Pearl is honoured to contribute to the success of the Prime Minister’s Gala as a logo sponsor. With a deep commitment to supporting events that promote cultural inclusivity and community empowerment, Geneva Pearl recognises the significance of this gala in strengthening the bond between Grenada and its diaspora.

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Prime Minister’s Gala

We are very happy to have Geneva Pearl onboard as a logo sponsor for the Prime Minister’s Gala”, Roy McEwen, Chair of the Prime Minister’s Gala Committee. Their dedication to promoting positive change aligns perfectly with the goals and values of this historic event”.

Geneva Pearl invites all members of the Grenadian community in the UK as well as supporters of the diverse culture that Grenada represents, to attend this prestigious event. The gala promises to be a night filled with cultural performances and a chance to connect with fellow Grenadians.

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