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10 Reasons Every Patriotic Grenadian Must Have Formal Portraits with Their Prime Minister
August 10, 2023

Prime Minister’s Gala – Capture your place in history at the Prime Minister’s Gala in London on Saturday, 4th November 2023. Stand side by side with the Honourable Dickon Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada, in an exclusive formal portrait.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell. The first Prime Minister's Gala in the United KingdomThis unique opportunity not only immortalises your presence but also reflects your commitment to the Grenadian community’s growth and unity. Your portrait will become a treasured memento, symbolising your role in this unforgettable moment.

Join us in celebrating this monumental occasion and make memories that will shine brightly for generations. Your participation truly makes the Prime Minister’s Gala a night to remember.

Symbol of Unity

Your portrait alongside the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Gala, symbolises your commitment to unity, progress, and the development of your homeland, emphasising the importance of shared goals and aspirations.

Historical Record:

A formal portrait with the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Gala, serves as a tangible historical record of your participation in this significant event, capturing a moment that will forever be etched in the annals of history.

Memorable Keepsake

Your portrait at the Prime Minister’s Gala becomes a cherished keepsake that you can proudly display, share with family and friends, and pass down through generations, ensuring your connection to this momentous occasion lives on.

Personal Connection

Meeting and posing with the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Gala in a formal setting creates a personal and intimate connection, offering a unique opportunity to engage with a prominent national leader.

Conversation Starter

The formal portrait at the Prime Minister’s Gala becomes an excellent conversation starter, allowing you to share your experience and engagement with the Prime Minister, fostering meaningful discussions within your community.

Networking Opportunities

The process of taking formal portraits may offer networking opportunities as you interact with fellow attendees at the Prime Minister’s Gala, potentially leading to valuable connections within the community.

Social Media Impact

Sharing your portrait on social media platforms can amplify the reach of the event, allowing you to showcase your involvement and engagement, and potentially inspiring others to participate at the Prime Minister’s Gala. Instagram | Facebook

Sense of National Pride

A formal portrait at the Prime Minister’s Gala with the Prime Minister instils a sense of pride and accomplishment, recognising your contribution to a significant event, the first of its kind ever, that celebrates Grenadian culture, heritage, and progress.

Personal Story

Your portrait at the Prime Minister’s Gala becomes a part of your personal story, highlighting your active participation in a historic event that brought together Grenadians and friends of Grenada from around the world.

Contribution to Legacy

By capturing your image alongside the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Gala, you contribute to the legacy of the event and the larger narrative of Grenadian diaspora engagement, leaving a lasting mark on the community’s history.


Step into the Spotlight of History! A formal portrait with the Prime Minister Prime Minister’s Gala transcends the ordinary, igniting your personal journey within a monumental event. It’s a living testament to your intertwined story with the heartbeats of Grenada’s progress. As you stand shoulder to shoulder with the Honourable Dickon Mitchell at the Prime Minister’s Gala on the illustrious evening of Saturday, 4th November 2023 in London, you become a beacon of unity and dedication.

Elevate Your Experience! So, stride confidently into the Prime Minister’s Gala, knowing that your formal portrait is more than a snapshot—it’s a declaration of your commitment to a shared vision. Join us in making this evening an indelible testament to unity, growth, and the vibrant spirit of Grenadian pride. Your portrait embodies your personal journey, a chapter of history co-written with the Prime Minister himself.